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景观师与著名的当地艺术家Somluk Pantiboon合作,他在跌水上设置的5件雕塑作品

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Appreciation towards Shma Design for providing the following description:
Project Information
Name of Project: Central Plaza Chiang Rai
Landscape Architect : Shma Company Limited
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Shmadesigns
Project Team :
Design Director - Prapan Napawongdee
Landscape Architect - Chanon Wangkachonkiat
Client& Developer: Central Pattana Public Company Limited.
Project Type : Retail
Site Area : 7,780 sqm.
Completion Year : 2011
Location : Chiang Rai, Thailand
Photograph Credit: Mr. Wison Tungthanya
Email: admin@shmadesgins.com
www: shmadesigns.com
Mountainous Scape

Being the first up-scale shopping mall in Chiang Rai, Central Plaza provides a
generous outdoor space for the public to enjoy. Our proposal presents this space as a
cultural plaza and park that embraces native culture and identity with various activities
to enrich local suburban life.

The landscape design encapsulates the mountainous scene surrounding the site
through the interpretation of the northern mountainous contour line characteristic. The
contour pattern is reflected in the stark pavement pattern and the shape of undulating
flower mound, step, seats, water cascade. Simple local materials like sandwash and
terrazzo are used to construct the pavement and the fluid seat respectively. Their
flexible nature makes constructing natural form possible.

Selection of native plants further enhances the northern atmosphere as well as
corresponding to regional ecology. Red Silk Cotton tree – locally known as Ngiew Tree
– is the main feature. It is majestic in form and famous for its flower as an ingredient in
traditional delicacy. During January to March, Ngiew’s bright orange flower blooms in
profusion and is accompanied by orange flowers of Trumpet Vine which covers the wall
on the façade and other flowering shrubs on ground.

Shma’s collaboration with world renowned local earth artist, Master Somluk Pantiboon,
is resulting in a series of 5-piece sculpture floating over cascading water feature.
Placed as focal point of the landscape, the ceramic sculpture is depicting the life cycle
of ‘Ngiew flower’ from budding to blooming to withering.